International Co-brand

Ch Hotels is pursuing co-branding agreements with international brands in order to share the marketing of products and to promote cross selling.

Today, the success of online booking portals is slowly consuming the market, impacting on earnings or the hotel owner and the quality of service.

Recent studies on Online Bookings shows that hoteliers offer these portals a commission rate of up to 30%.

Considering that if we deduct the commission, the VAT, breakfast, fixed costs and other costs, the profit margins are minimal if any. This attempt to lower costs therefore in order to increase the margins is a strong downward pressure that impact heavily upon quality of service.

The objective of Ch Hotels is to counteract this mechanism.

The final customer, that is, the traveller must be able to buy their holiday with clarity and ease directly from the provider, thus limiting the effect of intermediaries and reducing costs that will inevitably affect the price.

To do this, the sale of services is made through a solid network of contacts and operators, travel agencies, incentive agencies, event organizers, corporations and associations. The corporate market is the main goal.

The offers are being promoted directly to the customer / traveller, thanks to a wide ranging and updated sector of customers that are shared with the international brands and based upon the loyalty acquired from the business guest.