The Creator

Antonio Calabrese has held numerous positions of increasing responsibility in the hotel working environment since 1986.

After being a director at some of the facilities belonging to Domina Vacanze and after serving for five years as director of operations at the Italian foreign company My Hotel Parma, he since 2010 has chosen the entrepreneurial route organizing a team of professionals to start a business aimed at providing consulting services and management for individual hotels and hotel chains. This enterprise has now grown to comprise a customer base of about 25 properties located in major Italian cities and tourist destinations including:

SB Hotel Padua;
Ora Hotel City Bresso and Parma;
Hotel Capomulini Acireale;
JFI Hermitage e i Cenacolo of Assisi;
Hotel Phenicusa Filicudi;
Boscone Suite Hotel Madesimo;
Vista Palace in Roquebrune; and
City Tallinn in Tallinn.