The Project

The project of the Ch Hotels Holding is to take over the management of the hotel as part of its development program to become a new brand within the hotel industry. The concept was devised by Dr Antonio Calabrese who has long experience in the industry and enjoys an excellent reputation.

The intention of the creator of Ch Hotels is that the group will become an identifying mark of hotels that cater to customers who travel frequently for both business and pleasure, and who love simple but comfortable rooms that enjoy minimal design but which are refined. These hotels will also offer additional services to the usual services offered at such hotels so as to make the hotel more comfortable for the customer and to streamline the management of the hotels to be more efficient. For example, certain services offered by the hotels can utilise the same resources and know-how such as internet connectivity that is stable, free and unlimited, the utilisation of communication through the internet, organisation of tourist routes with a guide, personalised transfers, standard international breakfast, multi-lingual staff, etc).