The Ch Hotel strategy

Relying on its own resources, including financial, and on the knowledge and skills of its staff gained in the field, Ch-Hotels intends to rise above the typical franchising and ‘management contract’ logic to build a network of hotels with direct management (and thus with total responsibility in regards the results). These hotels will offer shared services and, in order to further efficiency, will share these resources for strategic advantage including:

marketing, sales and pricing;
control and maintenance of buildings;
management review;

Target Properties

In the medium term (5-7 years), Ch-Hotels aims to acquire and directly operate 15/20 hotels for a total number of rooms of between 1,300 and 2,000. The target properties must have the following characteristics:

Situation: need for revamping
Fixtures: Good state of preservation of the building and facilities
Location: major cities and tourist areas in Italy
Category: medium / high, mainly 4 stars
Size: between 70 and 150 rooms, numbers that guarantee cost management while preserving the quality of service and customer contact

Growth Targets

The growth rate - estimated at no more than 3 properties per year - is consistent with the choice to:

focus only on facilities that need revamping (in appearance and commercially) and, as such, involve time consuming interventions;
finance the program of revamping of each hotel acquired in management (including restructuring and adjustment) only through self-financing means without accessing bank credit.

In 2015 it is envisaged that we will have concluded contracts to directly manage another two facilities in Milan (negotiations are already at an advanced stage) and 1 facility in a mountain resort that would add to that of properties already held in Finale Ligure, allowing substantial economies of scale and increased efficiency in the use of personnel.